Every event is absolutely unique. However, every event requires a specific but similar cocktail of elements. Full service planning is exactly as it sounds - full service! Count on us to manage your unique event's budget, venue, vendors, contracts, design and everything in between.


Just like any event, nonprofit fundraisers and galas require timeline and budget management, vendor and contract negotiation and event design and execution. However, with any nonprofit event comes the added elements of sponsorship procuring and tracking, committee management and in-event fundraising. Fortunately for you, we're equipped to handle all the above.


Bier Wagon is a bar catering service that was founded on the belief that special events deserve great craft beer and cocktails to accompany them. Prohibition ended decades ago folks, it's time we started drinking like it. But, if you prefer domestics, we can get down with that. After all, it's your party, we're just here to keep it going.


Have your pre-event coordination and timeline under control but want to kick back and enjoy your event on-site? Our day-of coordination services are perfect for you. Or maybe you have a brilliant team but need to refocus or redesign your event for a new year? We'd love to consult with you about needs, changes and to-do's to give your event the recharge it deserves.