Sponsorship tracking

Your vital sponsor dollars can't be left to chance. You need someone to track money as it rolls in and make heads or tails of who has committed, who hasn't and how to move forward. We're what you would call Type A, so we're pretty good at keeping data. Let us do this for you. Trust us, we really want to.


Sponsor benefit coordination

Your sponsors are arguably the bread and butter of your organization. Regardless of sponsor level, every donor deserves to be taken care of and reminded of just how important they are. We will ensure that those sponsor level benefits are delivered, whether it be logo placement, name recognition or benefactor party invitations.


Committee management

Ever have the moment when you realize you forgot to create the committee meeting agenda? It happens to everyone. Let us put that agenda together for you, get it sent out in advance of the meeting, create post-meeting minutes and conduct committee follow-up's for those vital tasks and/or important upcoming dates. No biggie.


In-event fundraising

The Lavish team has plenty of experience with in-event fundraising of all kinds. Silent and live auctions, fund-a-need/direct asks, The Benevon Model, raffles and fundraising games. All of which require scripting, organization, presentation and talent and volunteer acquisition and training. Don't worry, we've got it.